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Community Supported Literature

Contribute to family-friendly literature for the next generation.

ZMT Books was founded on the ideal of making stories available to everyone. You'll find every book and story somewhere online for free, and if you want to support our mission, you can buy an ebook or physical book copy.

But what if that isn't enough for you? What if you're as excited as we are about creating clean, faith-filled literature that's true, good, and beautiful?

That's where CSL Membership comes in.

What you give and what you get

You might be familiar with Community Supported Agriculture, where customers pay a farmer ahead of time for the vegetables they grow, and then get a share of the harvest when it's ready. This is just like that.

Books take time to grow, from the seed of an idea to sprouting/writing, pruning/editing, all the way to harvesting/printing. Your support will help create stories based on traditional, moral values, with unique style and humor that defines ZMT Books.

Your Share of the Harvest

In return for your contributions, you'll receive:

  • A DRM-free Ebook copy of every book and story we publish, including everything that's been released so far.
  • Exclusive artwork, audio downloads, bonus behind-the-scenes material, and other fun stuff you can't find anywhere else.
  • Early drafts of upcoming stories, plus the chance to shape the world through polls and feedback.
  • Anything else awesome enough for us to include in the future!

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